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Have you tried so many fitness fads over the years but had to give up on them because they’re too complicated or just not practical with your busy schedule?

Do you find it hard to stay motivated when trying to lose weight alone?

Have you resigned yourself to just living with the body you’ve got because nothing is going to work? Or worse, started drinking shakes or popping pills to lose weight and get fit?

Then it’s time to think again. What if there was a fitness program out there that encouraged you to get fit, eat healthy, and stay toned?

One that didn’t just help you flatten your stomach but ensured a balanced, natural diet alongside a natural fitness program?

One that doesn’t just make you look slimmer but actually makes you feel more healthy and increases your appetite for life?

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A program that puts you in control

Outdoor Fitness

Now, you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it all before, and this is just another fad. We understand that.

There are plenty of programs out there which make bold claims and love telling you what to do to get healthy.

But that’s just the point – they tell you what to do, but not why to do it. That’s why so many fitness and healthy eating programs fail to achieve long term results.

Because when the program is over, or you can’t attend meetings anymore, you’re left stranded on your own with no idea why the things you were told to do made a difference – or why they didn’t. You’re no wiser having completed the program than you were before you started.

So how can you possibly continue to eat well and stay fit? That’s right, you can’t.

But healthcare and its associated costs are hot topics, and the one thing we all know is that not being at our best can be just as painful on the wallet as it is on the body. 


So, achieving peak fitness and living a healthy lifestyle should be important for all of us. We just need some

help to get there. 


If you want to lose weight, get fit, and feel healthier, you need to know what changes you need to make to your lifestyle. And you need to understand how those changes will affect your health. 


That doesn’t mean having to cram a daily gym session into your already ‘bursting at the seams’ schedule.


These are the types of impractical changes that people have tried and failed with time and time again. Our 6-week Super You Program helps you tackle the issue a little differently.






6-week SuperYou

The BYBD 6-week Super You Program is your path to dropping a dress size, gaining fitness, toning up, and being the best version of you that you can be every day.


The program encourages you to make small, practical changes each week, which are achievable and will show tangible results in the way you look and feel.


Feeling healthier and seeing your body shape change boosts self-confidence in every aspect of your life.


At work, when you’re out with friends and in your relationship, you’ll begin to feel yourself morphing into somebody who is more assured, more energized, and more the real YOU!


How? Well, like we said, our 6-week Super You Program doesn’t just recycle the same old cliched techniques you’ve seen hundreds of times before.

Healthy Woman

The SuperYou Approach

Instead, we use a holistic approach that weaves together all the different facets of fitness, so they complement each other and help you to keep motivated and stay fit


You’ll learn simple exercise techniques that are proven to be up to 3x more effective than some traditional activities and will give you maximum return from minimum input. Designed to burn fat faster, you’ll see results quickly and stay motivated so you’ll never be bored by exercise again.


You’ll be given nutrition consultation focusing on a sustainable all-natural, supplement-free diet containing a range of great tasting foods and superfoods to improve health, boost energy levels and burn fat without going hungry. It’s not all salads – it’s tasty food you’ll want to keep eating even when ‘diet’ is done.


Our 6-week Super You Program combines changes in your diet and lifestyle. You’ll see and feel changes in your body and learn how and why different techniques work so you can keep healthy long after the program has ended.


Each night, you’ll receive your motivational #SuperMessage 3 different ways  detailing the next day’s lesson so you can do it where and when it suits you.


In addition to the motivation and support of your personal trainer, you’ll join a #SuperSquad of like-minded people on the same journey as you. You won’t be alone, and you’ll be able to help motivate each other to Be Your Best Daily.

With the BYBD SUPER TRIO – Super Foods, Super Moves, and Super Facts, you’ll soon be on your way to a Super You.

Forget previous fads that didn’t work. Stop feeling down about yourself. Ignore the doubters.

Get FIT. Get HEALTHY. Get the body you want.

Take the first step towards achieving your health and fitness goals by signing up for our program today.

Right, let’s take a look at what the program involves:

Week 1 – Detox:

You start to get rid of the old stuff your body doesn’t want and replace it with the good stuff that is going to help you work towards your health and fitness goals naturally.

Week 4 – Building strength:

You’re starting to look fitter and stronger, and this week you start to build the core strength your body is now primed for.

Week 2 – Energy:

Your car, your smartphone, and your body all run on energy. Keep them charged, and they remain efficient. This is where you begin to recharge your batteries with good energy sources.

Week 5 - Stress relief:

Many programs ignore this aspect of wellbeing but coping with or eradicating stress from your life will boost your physical and mental health to keep you motivated and energized.

Week 3 – Reboot to Fat Burning:

You start to feel the change on the inside, and you’ll be able to see your weight loss. So will others, and you’ll get an extra hit of motivation as you start to receive compliments.

Week 6 – Balance:

By this point, you’re looking and feeling better, and you understand how nutrition and exercise work hand in hand to help keep you healthy. You’re now ready to go it alone, continuing to create small, achievable daily goals to work towards your long term health and fitness target.



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Join the #SuperSquad Today!

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Join our 6-week Super You Program right away to find your physical and mental balance once and for all!

Let’s start your path to discover the best version of yourself!
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Image by Christopher Campbell

Join the #SuperSquad Today!

Reserve your spot

Join our 6-week Super You Program right away to find your physical and mental balance once and for all!

Let’s start your path to discover the best version of yourself!

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